We're always on the lookout for new talent!

Television Education Network runs a wide range of professional development activities for lawyers accountants, including ten two-day top tier conferences on the Gold Coast, a group of half-day and two day seminars in February/March to assist lawyers meeting their CPD requirements, around 120 20-30 minute DVD/VODCast programs a year and 250 20 minute CD/Podcast programs a year. Subjects range from income tax to estate planning to property law to employment law.

All of this requires a vast pool of presenter talent, which we are constantly refreshing. If you would like to offer your services to us as a presenter, please click the link below.

Why present for us?

Television Education Network products have a far wider reach than traditional education providers as our content is delivered online, on DVD and CD to many thousands of professionals nationwide. Three thousand professional firms subscribe to our video and audio services, The Education Channel and Sound Education.

That said, the most common reasons people wish to present are:
  • To improve their personal or firm's standing in their peer professional group.
  • To obtain referrals from other firms within their own profession or another profession (eg lawyers obtaining referrals from accounting firms)
  • To improve their profiles with potential clients
  • Because they love teaching and speaking
If you would like to be considered as a TEN presenter, please click the link below.