Tax Issues in Business Restructures – 5 program video webinar series

Webinar Series,Taxation,Tax Issues in Business Restructures – 5 program video webinar series
Tax Issues in Business Restructures

a series of 5 one hour video webinars

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Clients undertake business restructures for a whole range of reasons, from estate planning needs, getting a business sale ready and improving either the tax or business efficiency of the business structure they are using.

But a successful business can find its need to restructure stymied by capital gains tax: these days very few businesses can claim the pre-CGT asset exemption in full or even in part, so they must resort to other means if they are to avoid paying CGT. 

This series is designed to review all the legitimate methods provided in the tax law to make restructures work without CGT imposts: after all, the CGT events entailed in a restructure do not generate any hard cash!  It will do this –

  • First, by discussing the common imperatives for business restructures and the common client profiles, and explaining how to identify businesses which are ripe for a restructure

  • Secondly by explaining how to use common types of CGT rollovers in business restructures

  • Thirdly by explaining how to use the CGT small business concessions and the small business rollover in business restructures

  • Fourthly by covering off on documentation and evidence requirements in restructures and reviewing the impact of State taxes and GST

And finally, we’ll bring everything together in a session which will look at which rollovers are best for what, discussing tips and traps and providing checklists.

The Programs

  1. Why Restructure – Client Priorities and Drivers Explained

  2. Business restructure and CGT Rollovers, tax consolidations and back to back rollovers

  3. Part A: Business restructures and small business CGT concessions - Part B: Business restructures and the small business rollover

  4. Part A: Documentation and evidence in business restructures - Part B: GST, State transfer duty and payroll tax implications in restructures

  5. Tips and traps, value adding for the client, checklists and case studies


The webinar series has been developed by George Kolliou and Andrea Carrick, the partners at AG Tax Lawyers and two of TVEd’s most highly rated and experienced tax presenters. 


This video webinar series includes the following components:

  • Online access to the 5 one hour video webinar programs covering the subjects listed above
  • Online access to the technical support papers and/or powerpoint presentations accompanying each program

This series has been released and is now available for immediate viewing. 


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