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 Belinda Aisbett Presents: Managing the Risks in SMSF Auditing - 3 program on demand webinar series

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SMSF auditors have been in the firing line over the last few years, and the compliance challenges for auditors continue to grow. In this 3 part webinar series, leading SMSF audit expert Belinda Aisbett examines the key risk areas affecting SMSF auditors, including the investment strategies, NALI rules, and auditor reporting obligations.

Program 1:  Auditing the Investment Strategy

SMSF auditors may understand the importance of the investment strategy but what this means in practice requires a bit more consideration. This session looks at the key issues, including:

  • Audit procedures for investment strategies - an overview
  • Ensuring the diversification requirement is met
  • Considering liquidity needs of fund
  • Bringing investment strategy problems to attention of trustees
  • Investment strategy compliance breaches - the what, when and how
  • ATO guidelines on auditor’s role
  • How has COVID-19 impacted the investment strategy?
  • Understanding what the auditor cannot do

Program 2:  The Non-arm’s Length Rules - Meeting ATO Expectations from an Audit Perspective

The application of the NALI rules to general expenses are likely to have a significant impact on some SMSFs. This session examines how they impact the auditor, including:

  • Understanding ATO rulings on NALI and NALE - an overview
  • ATO expectations on NALI and NALE
  • Making sure we identify NALE
  • What is the ‘nexus’ that triggers the NALI provisions?
  • The application of general expenses NALE
  • Individual acting as trustee - some important do’s and don’ts
  • Trustee remuneration and NALI risk
  • What are the key considerations from an auditor perspective?
  • Case studies

Program 3:  Auditor Reporting Obligations - Meeting and Exceeding Auditing Standards

The reporting function is at the heart of the auditor’s role. This practical session covers two key areas: reporting to trustees and contraventions to the ATO. It examines:

Reporting to trustees:

  • The independent auditor’s report - key inclusions from recent ATO updates
  • Reporting on contraventions and the management letter to trustees
  • Determining the financial position of fund
  • Reporting methodologies - the do’s and don’ts
  • Case studies - problem scenarios and their reporting to trustees

Reporting to ATO:

  • The Auditor Contravention Report
  • What contraventions do not need reporting
  • Reporting of prior year breach
  • Separation of assets - regulation 409 A
  • Case studies - contravention reporting tips and traps

Belinda Aisbett, Director, Super Sphere, Melbourne

Belinda is a director of Super Sphere Pty. Ltd., a specialist self managed superannuation company, where she is responsible for providing audit, consulting and training services in relation to self managed super funds. Belinda established Super Sphere in 2003 to specialise in SMSF auditing and audit related services, and is responsible for auditing around 1,000 funds per year. This is in addition to providing an SMSF Audit Toolkit to other auditing professionals and undertaking numerous training engagements each year.

Belinda is a member of the ICAA, and holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting). Belinda is also a specialist member of the SMSF Association, chairperson of their audit discussion group, and a member of the SMSF Association education and conference committees.

  -Webinar Series,Superannuation and SMSF audit,Belinda Aisbett Presents:  Managing the Risks in SMSF Auditing - 3 program on demand webinar series


This on demand webinar series includes the following components:

  • Online access to the 3 video webinar programs - programs are 45 to 55 minutes in length on average
  • The 3 programs were recorded in July 2021 and will be available to subscribers online in early August 2021
  • Online access to the technical support papers and/or powerpoint presentations accompanying each program

This series will be marketed for $660 when it is released.

If you pre-purchase the series by 20 August 2021 you will pay only $495 – a saving of $330.


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