The Lawyers’ Guide to Capital Gains Tax - a series of 6 video webinars

Webinar Series,Law Other,The Lawyers’ Guide to Capital Gains Tax - a series of 6 video webinars
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Capital gains tax arises in many business transactions and it’s an unwelcome and unloved impost that your clients have to bear.  All lawyers who advise on business restructures or sales need to know about CGT rollovers and the CGT small business concessions.  Property lawyers need to understand the limits of the main residence exemption to ensure no tax is payable when the family home is sold.

If you advise businesses which are closely held you will inevitably have to advise on business sales and restructures.  To get the best outcome, you’ll need a working knowledge of the use of CGT rollovers to ensure that you minimise CGT on the restructure.  If the business is small, the CGT small business concessions can also be used in the restructure.   Those concessions are also essential to ensure that small business owners take home up to 100% of the purchase price without paying any CGT.

This video webinar series includes the following components:

  • Online access to the video webinar programs covering the subjects listed below (and explained in more detail in the accompanying brochure)

  • Two one hour video webinars and four 45 minute video webinars. 

  • The programs were recorded in November and will be available to subscribers online early in the new year

  • Online access to the technical support papers and/or powerpoint presentations accompanying each program

  • The Fundamentals of Business and CGT Rollovers – 1 hour webinar
    • Many clients want to restructure, and restructures always run the risk of triggering a capital gain, despite the fact that no money changes hands.CGT rollovers are designed to allow for business and asset restructures in limited circumstances without triggering CGT.This video webinar examines the main business and CGT rollovers and how they can be used to your client’s advantage.

  • Small Business CGT Concessions Fundamentals – two 45 minute webinars

    • The small business CGT concessions don’t arise in practice every day but, when a client wants to sell or restructure a business, this is an area of tax law and practice your staff must understand.

  • Applying the Concessions Where the Small Businesses are Held Through Companies or Trusts – two 45 minute webinars

    • These programs will cover the application of the concessions where assets are held through entities and the practicalities of claiming each of the concessions.

  • Understanding and Applying the Main Residence Exemption – 1 hour webinar

    • The main residence exemption applies to nearly every home-owning taxpayer in Australia but advisers need to understand its limits and ensure that clients stay within them.This video webinar will deal with the basic rules and how to best approach common situations affecting the scope of the exemption.

Webinar Series,Law Other,The Lawyers’ Guide to Capital Gains Tax - a series of 6 video webinars

Linda Tapiolas, Partner, Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers

As a partner in Cooper Grace Ward’s commercial team, Linda specialises in providing tailored advice and support services to accountants, financial planners and other professional advisers.

Linda provides technical advice on complex tax, capital gains tax (CGT), Division 7A issues, and acting on business sales and acquisitions to ensure clients achieve commercial and tax effective outcomes.

Prior to joining Cooper Grace Ward, Linda worked as an accountant for 18 years, advising clients on capital gains, business acquisitions, and restructuring, providing her with a unique insight into her current clients’ business environment. She also regularly conducts seminars and training on topics including business structuring, CGT small business concessions and Division 7A issues.

Webinar Series,Law Other,The Lawyers’ Guide to Capital Gains Tax - a series of 6 video webinars

David Marschke, Principal – dbm horizons

David is a specialist tax and legal adviser who acts for listed and private corporate groups, and their owners, in all areas of tax and related law including GST and state taxes. David’s tax expertise spans a wide range of industries and sectors including property development, investment funds, professional services, technology and intellectual property. David has significant experience dealing with capital raising and capital management issues including restructuring for IPOs, rights issues, financial instruments and hybrid securities, share buybacks, and capital reductions. David has been involved in a wide range of M&A transactions acting for listed and unlisted groups as well as private equity transactions.

David recently founded dbm horizons as a boutique legal, tax and consulting firm.  Prior to founding dbm horizons David was a tax partner at national law firm.

David is a Legal Practitioner, Registered Tax Agent, Chartered Tax Adviser and is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Webinar Series,Law Other,The Lawyers’ Guide to Capital Gains Tax - a series of 6 video webinars

Susan Young, Susan Young Tax Training

Susan runs a business based in Brisbane that provides training on income tax, capital gains tax, GST and FBT issues.

With almost 30 years of specialized tax knowledge, Susan has extensive experience as a presenter and adviser on taxation issues.  She has made many presentations to the various tax bodies and of course to her clients who are in the main, accounting and law firms.

Susan has degrees in Commerce and Law from the University of QLD and the University of Sydney and is admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of QLD.


This series was produced in late November 2019 and is now available.


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