The Will-drafting Toolkit for Succession Lawyers – 5 program video webinar series

Webinar Series,Wills and Succession Law,The Will-drafting Toolkit for Succession Lawyers – 5 program video webinar series
The Will-drafting Toolkit for Succession Lawyers – 5 program video webinar series
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This series is designed for use in the training of succession lawyers in complex aspects of will-drafting. It covers the complexities of difficult will dispositions, including gifts and family loans, as well as managing life interests and rights of residence. It also examines how to best navigate testamentary capacity and knowledge and approval requirements, as well as the risks associated with undue influence and coercion in wills.

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A single purchase entitles your company to access the five one hour video webinars online as you require them for as many training sessions and for as many staff as you want in the twelve months from the date the video webinars are available.

The Programs

  1. Drafting Complex Wills with Precision - Will drafting has become an increasingly difficult task – family dynamics, complicated asset structures and tax considerations all play a part in raising the complexities. This session assumes you know the basics, and instead focuses on some of the more challenging will drafting issues that can arise.

  2. Testamentary Capacity and Will-making: High Stakes and High Risks - Succession lawyers know the importance of ensuring a client has testamentary capacity before preparing a will. However, determining capacity can be fraught with risk, particularly with older clients. This session examines the key capacity issues lawyers must grapple with and the intersect with professional conduct obligations.  

  3. Knowledge and Approval Under the Spotlight - The requirement that a testator knows and approves the contents of their will is a separate and distinct requirement for validity. Recent developments in case law have given a new slant to what is required and how succession lawyers can ensure testators have the ability to make the will in question.

  4. Undue Influence and Coercion in Wills: Prevention Better Than Cure - There is an increasing concern that older and vulnerable will-makers are being subjected to pressure about their wills. However, improvements in the will-making process can be used to reduce the risk of undue influence. This session examines how the doctrine of undue influence applies, and what succession lawyers can do to minimise instances of undue influence from occurring in the first place.

  5. Statutory Wills Applications: Protecting the Vulnerable Wisely - Court applications for statutory wills are continuing to rise, which is not surprising given our ageing population. Chances are, if you haven’t prepared a statutory will application yet, you will be soon. This session examines the key drafting essentials involved with statutory will applications and the care needed when bringing an application of this type.


Warwick Gilbertson, Partner, Turnbull Hill Lawyers, Sydney

Carolyn Sparke QC, Barrister, Victorian Bar, Melbourne

Frances Fredriksen, Special Counsel, Parsons Law – Wills & Estates Lawyers, Gold Coast

Christine Smyth, Consultant, Robbins Watson Solicitors, Brisbane

John Armfield, Barrister, Second Floor Wentworth Chambers, Sydney


This video webinar series includes the following components:

  • Online access to the 5 one hour video webinar programs covering the subjects listed above

  • Online access to the technical support papers and/or powerpoint presentations accompanying each program

  • This series was recorded in September 2019.

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