PodCPD is an online audio update service providing regular update on issues of relevance to legal and accounting practitioners around Australia. Subscribers can download the programs directly to their iPhones, iPods or MP3 players from the Subscriber First website.

PodCPD is sold on an annual subscription basis and it specifically designed to keep practitioners up to date in an easy to use format.

PodCPD is designed for individual study and is a great solution for small firms and sole practitioners.

In addition to the monthly audio programs, subscribers also have access to the Subscriber First website containing a vast library of technical papers.

PodCPD comes in a range of convenient packages for both lawyers and accountants in two formats:

  1. Standard
  2. PodCPD Select

PodCPD Standard options:

  1. PodCPD - Taxation
  2. PodCPD - Superannuation
  3. PodCPD - GST Supplement
  4. PodCPD - Queensland Law
  5. PodCPD - NSW Law
  6. PodCPD - Victorian Law
  7. PodCPD - Family Law

PodCPD Select options:

  1. PodCPD Select for Lawyers
  2. PodCPD Select for Accountants

Subscribers to the select versions choose the programs they wish to download each month according to the level of their subscription.