CPD RULES for Tasmanian lawyers

In Tasmania, a legal practitioner must, as a pre-requisite to practising certificate renewal complete at least 10 CPD units of CPD activity in each CPD year (Practice Guideline No. 4 of the Law Society of Tasmania).

The CPD year runs from 1 April to 31 March in the following year.

‘CPD points’ and ‘CPD activity’ are also defined in the Practice Guideline. In most instances, 1 hour of CPD activity = 1 CPD point. Certain hours of activity, including Committee membership and publication authoring, are however treated differently.

Mandatory Categories / Core Competency Areas


The points acquired by a practitioners in a CPD year must include at least:

    1. one CPD point relating to practical legal ethics;
    2. one CPD point relating to practice management or business skills;
    3. one CPD point relating to professional skills; and
    4. one CPD point relating to substantive law.


To find out more about the CPD rules, visit the website of the Law Society of Tasmania:  http://lst.org.au/professional-development/cpd-requirements-tasmania/