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 Recorded Webinar: Informally Administered Construction Contracts - Managing Risks and Liabilities (NSW)

Date:  Recorded: 17th January 2022
Duration: 70 minutes

The parties are ready to go, and work can begin. Trouble is that contract administration could be better. This session looks at the issues from a legal perspective, including:

  • What is meant by informally administered construction contracts? – an overview
  • Impact of poor contract administration – a checklist of failures
  • The role of the legal practitioner in advising on contract administration
  • Getting contract governance right – core legal areas to watch
  • The nitty gritty – problems with risk allocations including cost overruns
  • Contract compliance audit – meeting procedural and substantive obligations
  • Case study – a contract management checklist for the construction sector
Recorded Webinars,Construction law,Recorded Webinar:  Informally Administered Construction Contracts - Managing Risks and Liabilities (NSW)

Scott Alden, Partner, HWL Ebsworth, Sydney

With over 20 years’ experience, Scott specialises as a legal advisor on significant projects and procurements for primarily government, but also private sector, clients.

Scott’s role of lead legal advisor to significant projects often incorporates legal and procurement expertise on the same transaction, as well as strategic probity advice.

In recognition of his position as a leading government lawyer, Scott was one of the first NSW Law Society Accredited Specialists in Government and Administrative Law (with a focus on government commercial and procurement transactions), and has been appointed by the Law Society of NSW as the Head Assessor for that Specialist Accreditation this year.  Scott also writes and lectures two procurement courses for the Masters Programs at both the College of Law and the University of Melbourne.


This webinar is suitable for construction lawyers practising in NSW. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.


Lawyers can claim 1 CPD unit – substantive law

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