Recorded Webinar: Digital Life and the Estate Plan – Can the Show Go On?


26 March 2020
Duration:  approx. 1 hour

You've spoken and we've listened. From 1/8/19 we've structured most of our webinars to run for one hour - the ideal length for staff training sessions. And, for most of you the webinars will be held at lunchtime - the ideal time for attending live webinars.
The internet as a public domain is only three decades old, with widespread adoption an even more recent phenomena, and yet it has become ubiquitous in our lives. Issues of how to manage digital assets and accounts are becoming increasingly pressing. This session addresses issues that can arise in relation to estate planning for social media accounts and digital assets, including how the assets should be held and the mechanisms available to transfer these assets to third parties. It covers:

  • Identifying digital assets with substantial value:

    • Twitter and Instagram accounts with bulk followings

    • LinkedIn networks

    • large cryptocurrency holdings

  • Issues for the estate planner:

    • how are the digital assets currently owned?

    • who/what should hold valuable digital assets - can they be held by entities?

    • getting access to the online assets and accounts post-death

    • valuing and transferring valuable digital assets

  • Managing business succession issues when data is stored in the cloud and on proprietary and subscription-based software and banking is done online

Recorded Webinars,Estate planning and Wills,Recorded Webinar:  Digital Life and the Estate Plan – Can the Show Go On?

Daniel Smedley, Principal, Sladen Legal, Melbourne

Daniel Smedley, CTA, enjoys solving complex taxation and trust law issues for private enterprise clients. He is also a trusted confidant in planning the succession of his client’s personal and business affairs.

Daniel is a Chartered Tax Advisor with The Tax Institute, accredited as a specialist in Taxation Law with the Law Institute of Victoria, and the principal author of the Trust Structures Guide, recognised by The Tax Institute as "the leading resource for anyone advising on trusts, structuring and planning issues".

Since 2016, Daniel has appeared in the list of one of Australia's “Best Lawyers of the Year” in the practice of tax law. The list is compiled by Best Lawyers and published in the Australian Financial Review. Daniel has also been recognised in Doyles Guide as a recommended tax lawyer since 2016. Daniel is a regular presenter at state and national industry conventions, conferences and workshops.


This webinar is suitable for lawyers throughout Australia who advise in estate planning matters. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

If you need assistance or have an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our Webinar Coordinator, Lisa Tran on (03) 8601 7709 or email:
Recorded Webinars,Estate planning and Wills,Recorded Webinar:  Digital Life and the Estate Plan – Can the Show Go On?

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