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 Recorded Webinar: Drafting with Purpose and Effect (Professional Skills)

15th September 2016
Duration:  1 hour
Recorded Webinars,Law - General,Recorded Webinar:  Drafting with Purpose and Effect (Professional Skills)
Drafting is more than “getting the job done” but an art form that requires finely honed skills. It has been said that lawyers don’t write well but think they do. Whatever the truth is, we know we can all improve drafting skills. This session looks at drafting for effect to benefit your clients:
  • The benefits of plain English – the characteristics of good writing
  • Legal correspondence – correct drafting of advice and general communications to clients
  • Drafting legal documents – the elements of style within professional obligation and the rules
  • Creating good precedents
  • Common drafting mistakes – avoiding pitfalls and drafting traps
  • Drafting and professional obligation – is there a connection?
  • Case study – computer assisted drafting

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