Recorded Webinar: Performance Management, Mental Health and the Employers’ Obligations


27th August 2019

Duration:  approx. 1 hour

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Performance management is a challenge for all employers. However, it can become even more complex when it involves an employee with mental health issues. This session examines how to get the performance management process right and avoid the risks of discrimination or adverse action claims. It covers:

  • Implementing performance management policies and procedures – implementing a process that is procedurally fair, sensitive and just

  • Training key personnel on mental health issues – why it is important

  • Minimising harm to vulnerable employees during the performance management process

  • Employer’s obligations to provide additional support to mentally ill employees

  • What can employers do if a grievance claim arises from the process?

  • Impact of extended leave on the performance management process

  • Performance management and misconduct / underperformance:

    • What if the alleged misconduct or underperformance was the result of an employee’s mental illness?

    • What if the employer was not aware of the mental illness when reviewing the alleged misconduct / underperformance?

    • When can an employer safely terminate for misconduct / underperformance?

  • Case law update

Recorded Webinars,Employment Law,Recorded Webinar:  Performance Management, Mental Health and the Employers’ Obligations

Alexandra Grayson, Principal Lawyer, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Sydney

Alexandra (Alex) Grayson is a Principal Lawyer who manages the Employment and Industrial Relations Practice of Maurice Blackburn’s Sydney office. She has over 22 years’ experience in industrial relations, including over twelve years as a labour lawyer. The prestigious Doyles Guide lists Alex as a recommended lawyer for employees and trade union representation in NSW in 2018 and her team as one of the top law firms for employee & trade union representation in NSW in 2018.

Alex is a passionate and committed lawyer with a keen interest in social justice and industrial relations. Her clients have included many senior executives within the finance and banking sector, the legal fraternity and in the public sector. She helps people through their difficult times by negotiating with their employers and litigating on their behalf. Alex is particularly skilled in litigation, strategic negotiations, interpreting industrial instruments and contracts, advocacy and providing legal advice to executives. Areas of her practice include advice and representation on workplace bullying, sexual harassment, breach of contract, redundancy situations and restraint of trade issues. She is currently working with a number of third parties including Women Lawyers NSW, the New South Wales Law Society and Victorian Legal Aid to improve discrimination legislation for sexual harassment victims.

Alex is in a unique position. In addition to her extensive experience as a labour lawyer, she has a deep understanding of what it is to be an executive, as she also sits on the board of the superannuation fund, HostPlus, as a Director.


This webinar is suitable for HR professionals and lawyers practising in employment law – Australia wide. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge. 

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