RECORDED WEBINAR: Social Media - When the Desire to Communicate Conflicts with Workplace Requirements

Tuesday 29th July 2014

Duration:  2 hours 

Social media is here to stay and people will play on it. What does this mean for employers and employees? Risk management is key requirement here for both players. This session looks at: 
  • Social media and the workplace – understanding the legal, ethical and practical issues at work and outside of work
  • Legal risks associated with use of social media and employer liability– including discrimination, bullying, harassment, defamation and consumer protection claims
  • Effective risk management – education, policies and procedures and accountability
  • Case studies – Linfox, Fosters, Banerji, Mickle 
This webinar is suitable for: HR professionals, in-house Counsel and lawyers practising in employment law – Australia wide
PRESENTED BY: Elizabeth Devine, Principal, Devine Law at Work
Elizabeth Devine is a Solicitor and Workplace Relations Consultant who is passionate about helping people improve their work and business life.  She has been practising law for 22 years and has specialised in employment law and workplace relations for 17 years.
In 2002 Elizabeth founded Devine Law at Work, a law firm and consultancy which specialises in employment law and workplace relations.  In doing so she realised an ambition to provide services to clients in a multi-disciplinary and ‘wholistic’ framework; that is, with a focus on not only the full spectrum of laws which impact on employment but also on the essential role of skills and expertise in conflict resolution, communication, people management, negotiation and education.  As a consequence, the focus of Devine Law at Work is on the provision of advice and other services which are designed to prevent and resolve issues which arise in the workplace rather than on litigation.
Prior to founding Devine Law at Work, Elizabeth acquired extensive and diverse experience in a range of workplaces; including in private practice, a peak employer body, the public sector (Australian Government Solicitor) and in community legal centres.  Having gained this experience, her advice is informed by valuable insights into the particular needs and priorities of different workplaces as well as the traits many workplaces share.
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