Recorded Webinar: Managing the Tax Issues in an Uncertain Property Market


Date: Tuesday 18th August 2020
Approximate Length: 1 Hour

With the property market slowing down (and falling in some areas), property developers are facing income tax and GST issues which might feel unfamiliar to newer players. This session considers a number of scenarios which arise in a market slow down and the tax consequences, including:

  • Consequences of a slow sale process and holding stock for longer periods:
    • GST consequences when apartments are leased out
    • Will this have any consequences from a capital/revenue perspective?
  • What happens when the development doesn’t make a profit?
    • Carrying forward revenue losses
    • Continuity of ownership versus similar business tests
    • Strategies where development is in an SPV?
  • Tax issues arising from failed settlements:
    • GST treatment for vendor of forfeited deposits versus compensation paid separately to cancelled contract
    • GST treatment of forfeited deposits for purchaser
    • Will any forfeited deposits/compensation constitute a capital proceed?
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Jeff Pfaff, Partner, PwC, Brisbane

Jeff is a Partner in PwC's Financial Advisory Group and leads the firm’s Indirect Tax Practice in Brisbane.

He has specialised in indirect taxes since 1999 and advises on the entire spectrum of managing its commercial, technical and administrative challenges. His client list ranges from small businesses to some of Australia’s largest public and private companies.

Prior to joining PwC, he was employed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a Senior Director. During his time at the ATO, Jeff had various responsibilities at a national level for the strategic management of technical and compliance issues. In particular, these issues included managing compliance risks in the property sector and the application of the general anti-avoidance rules. He also led some of the Commissioner’s largest and most complex audits.


This webinar is suitable for accountants and lawyers advising in taxation matters - Australia wide. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

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