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 Recorded Webinar: Testing Controls and Managing Audit Risks – Data Analytics in an IT World

Thursday 29th September 2016

Duration: approx 2 hours

Recorded Webinars,Accounting and Auditing,Recorded Webinar: Testing Controls and Managing Audit Risks – Data Analytics in an IT World

About the webinar

Auditors increasingly need to gather evidence from sources that are digital, large in volume and located in multiple systems. This presentation will examine how data analytics can help provide evidence regarding internal control effectiveness and transaction validity.  It will cover:

  • Sampling and data analytics - should you extrapolate results and what does it mean to sample?
  • Substantive testing-  understanding how controls are tested
  • The rise of automated audits and the use of artificial intelligence tools
  • Passwords – the importance of testing the strength
  • Quantity testing and its place in managing risk:
  • Journal entries, controls and management override

Who should attend

This webinar is suitable for accountants throughout Australia. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

Merilyn Gwan, Principal, Grant Thornton, Sydney

Merilyn is currently the Assurance Principal in the National Audit Support group within Grant Thornton, which includes responsibility for audit methodology, risk management and quality control. Merilyn has over 19 years of experience in the auditing profession, with both audit clients and in an internal risk and quality role within Australia, the UK and France. Merilyn has worked across a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, mining and technology, prior to moving into the National Technical role within Grant Thornton.

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