HR Fundamentals: Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


Recorded: 15/3/19
Length: 1 hour

When it comes to sexual harassment, prevention is better than cure. Sexual harassment allegations can lead to significant reputational and financial damage and ruin a workplace culture. This session will discuss your legal obligations as well as practical tips HR professionals can take to prevent sexual harassment in their workplace. It covers:

  • What is sexual harassment? From suggestive remarks, harassing phone calls to unwelcome sexual advances

  • What will be considered reasonable steps of the employer to prevent and redress sexual harassment?

  • Training and implementation of policies – talking about acceptable behaviour in the workplace

  • Workplace relationships – what are your policies?

  • Complaints mechanisms – is your system clear and thorough?

  • Investigating harassment – ensuring you take complaints seriously and investigate properly

  • Injuries as a result of harassment

  • What remedies are available to employees?

  • Case update on recent awards

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Laura Douglas, Special Counsel, Justitia, Melbourne

Laura practices in employment and discrimination law. She has particular expertise in large-scale and complex workplace conduct reviews and investigations. She is also an experienced advisor on workplace diversity and inclusion programs.

A highly skilled facilitator and educator, Laura is regularly engaged to assist organisations in designing and reviewing policies and procedures, codes of conduct and value statements. Laura also conducts training for organisations on areas including equal opportunity and workplace bullying and the impact of unconscious bias on workplace decision-making. 

This webinar is suitable for human resources professionals – Australia wide. This webinar is for professionals with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.
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