HR Fundamentals: Workplace Bullying - Practical Management of a Costly Problem


Recorded: 15/3/19
Length:  1 hour

Barely a week goes by that a workplace isn’t embroiled in a bullying allegation. But, what can HR professionals do to stem the tide? This session will examine the essentials in establishing appropriate anti-bullying policies in your workplace and how to effectively manage a complaint when it arises. It covers:

  • Establishing comprehensive bullying policies

  • What to do when confronted with a bullying claim?

  • Conducting investigations to a bullying complaint – getting process correct

  • Balancing employer v. employee rights and obligations

  • Understanding natural justice issues in the investigation process

  • Risk management and investigations – creating a clear document trail

  • Dealing with aftermath – remediation of relationships

  • Power of Fair Work Commission in bullying matters

  • Case study: performance management and bullying

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Alison Baker, Partner, Hall & Wilcox, Melbourne

Alison has an extensive employment practice, advising private and public sector clients on all aspects of employment, industrial relations and human resources law. She also advises private and public sector organisations on their obligations under privacy legislation.

Alison advises a broad cross-section of private and public sector clients, including large corporate entities, small-to-medium enterprises, universities, local government and statutory corporations.

This webinar is suitable for human resources professionals – Australia wide. This webinar is for professionals with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.
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