Recorded Webinar: Will Drafting: Drafting with Ethics in Mind (Ethics)


26th February 2020
Duration:  1 hour


As a practitioner there are occasions when the client provides unethical instructions. The client may also create an ethics dilemmas in the nature of dispositions proposed for wills. This session is designed to address ethical will making in all its dimensions, including:

  • Ethical challenges in obtaining instructions on wills – dealing with pushy beneficiaries

  • When client’s testamentary wishes appear improper or impractical – How to respond

  • Responding to beneficiary fraud or misrepresentation when drafting

  • Addressing the risk of challenge to a will when drafting – what to advise client

  • When choosing an executor – extent of practitioner obligation

  • Obtaining instructions from elderly clients – ethical issues in determining capacity

  • When should you include explanatory statements in wills?

  • Case study - Should solicitors act as executors? The ethical challenges of wearing ‘two hats’

Recorded Webinars,Estate planning and Wills,Recorded Webinar:  Will Drafting: Drafting with Ethics in Mind (Ethics)

Michael Clohesy, Principal Lawyer, Aitken Partners, Melbourne

Michael Clohesy is an experienced and passionate Wills & Estates lawyer. He also lectures in this area of law at Australian Catholic University.

Michael’s expertise is in the preparation of complex wills (known as Testamentary Trusts), the administration of deceased estates and estate litigation.

As a lawyer with an extensive teaching background Michael is committed to ensuring that his clients understand what can be a complex and bewildering legal process.

Michael advises that a properly drafted Will ensures that your family are provided for and there is no conflict. He also suggests that preparing a Will is plainly and simply good manners.


This webinar is suitable for succession lawyers - Australia wide and it has been designed to deliver the ethics compulsory subject CPD unit for the CPD year ending 31st March 2020.

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