Recorded Webinar: Resolving Family Law Matters by Mediation or Arbitration (Professional Skills)


25th February 2020
Duration:  1 hour


Heightened emotional stresses in family law disputes place extra pressure on practitioners to get it right. The session looks at the key skill sets required in use of alternative dispute resolution in family law matters, including:

  • Why you should use alternative dispute resolution in family law matters

  • Growing importance of arbitration in family law matters

  • Preparing the client for mediation/arbitration

  • Dealing with mediator/arbitrator – essential dos and don’ts

  • Negotiating settlement – finding common ground where none previously existed

  • Preparing consent orders and final advice as to clients

  • Addressing risk factors in mediations/arbitrations

  • Understanding no right of appeal in arbitrations accept on questions of law


Recorded Webinars,Family Law,Recorded Webinar:  Resolving Family Law Matters by Mediation or Arbitration (Professional Skills)

Will Stidston, Principal & Accredited Family Law Specialist, Barry.Nilsson.Lawyers, Melbourne

Will Stidston is a principal in our Melbourne office. He has over a decade of experience in family law and has practised exclusively in this area since 2010. In 2013, Will became accredited as a specialist in family law by the Law Institute of Victoria.

Will has worked on a number of large scale multi-million dollar financial matters involving intricate corporate structures, together with difficult parenting cases involving international relocation. He also has extensive experience with respect to matters involving family violence, including Victorian intervention orders.


This webinar is suitable for family lawyers - Australia wide and it has been designed to deliver the professional skills compulsory subject CPD unit for the CPD year ending 31st March 2020.

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