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 Lawyers Webinar Select 20

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Choose from all the webinars that we run – the ultimate in flexibility

Lawyers Webinar Select is an online service for lawyers delivered via on demand video webinars. 

All of our webinar programs are developed by our team of experienced lawyers.

  • Subscribers get to choose the on demand webinars they want from all of the webinars that we run live each month.
  • After our live webinars are run, we upload the recordings for selection on demand.  Programs are uploaded weekly so there is a constant flow of new programs from which to choose.
  • We don't charge per user.  One subcription can be shared by everyone in the firm.
  • We cover a wide range of legal subjects including (but not limited to): family law, succession law, property law, estate planning, commercial law, employment law, GST & property, taxation law and the CPD compulsory subjects: ethics, practice management & business skills, and professional skills.

You get an annual entitlement that you can “spend” as you choose.

Some months you might want 2 or 3 on demand webinars and other months none. The choice is yours to make.

  • Select 5 - Allows you to choose 5 on demand webinars per year
  • Select 10 - Allows you to choose 10 on demand webinars per year
  • Select 20 - Allows you to choose 20 on demand webinars per year
  • Select All - Allows you to choose as many on demands per year as you like - there is no limit

If you exceed your program entitlement in your subscription year you can purchase extra credits.

If you don’t use all of your entitlement in your current subscription period any credits remaining will be carried over to your next subscription period upon renewal.

You also get access to the Law Library.  The library contains the technical papers for ALL of the webinars that we run for lawyers.  It's a fantastic resource and comes as part of your subscription no matter which selection level you choose.


All of our webinar programs feature a professional who is an expert in their field.  We engage speakers from law firms and from the Bar – Australia wide.


As a subscriber you are entitled to a 10% discount on all other purchases from TEN including conferences.

If you need assistance or have an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us, on (03) 8601 7700 or email: [email protected]

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