Strata Disputes: Barking Dogs, Short-term Letting (NSW)

It is almost inevitable that disputes will arise in strata developments given the existence of common property, and the often conflicting needs and lifestyles of lot owners, as well as the often difficult role of the role of the owners corporation in balancing conflicting interests.   In this program, David Sachs, from Sachs Gerace Broome Lawyers in Sydney, reviews the types of disputes that can arise; how and by whom the disputes can be resolved; the legal framework for dispute resolution in the strata legislation, and the limitations of that framework; the role of lawyers in strata disputes; and common disputes, including repair and maintenance of common property by owners corporations, by laws, and short term letting.  

Featuring:  David Sachs, Sachs Gerace Broome Lawyers, Sydney

[32 minutes] [0.53 CPD hours]

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