Retail Leasing – A Victorian Update

Provisions of the Victorian Retail Leases Act 2003 (RLA), have recently been the subject of two Victorian Court of Appeal decisions, guidelines issued by the Victorian Small Business Commissioner (VSBC), and a referral decision by VCAT.  In this program, Brigid O’Dwyer, from Slocomb Brand Lawyers in Melbourne, reviews these recent developments, and identifies some important key provisions of the RLA that are often overlooked by landlords and tenants.  Topics covered include: the ambit of the RLA; guidance from the VSBC on what are “retail premises”; various controversial issues concerning outgoings; assignments of leases; insurance of retail premises; and rental valuations.

Featuring:  Brigid O’Dwyer, Slocombe Brand Lawyers, Melbourne

[33 minutes] [0.55 CPD hours]

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