NSW Criminal Law: A One Day TEN Point Masterclass
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22 February 2020

The challenges facing criminal lawyers in New South Wales continue to grow. It can be difficult keeping up with the latest developments and procedural updates, however this specialised full day masterclass will ensure you are ahead of the curve, with sessions on police powers, mental health applications and sexual assault laws.

  • Procedural Challenges in Criminal Law

    • Mental Health and the Law - Making Successful Section 32 Applications

    • Making an Effective Bail Application

    • Conducting a Criminal Appeal in District Court

    • Costs in Criminal Cases at Local Court Level

  • Key Developments in Criminal Law

    • Understanding the Extent of Police Powers in Criminal Matters

    • Domestic Violence: Key Legal Imperatives

    • Navigating the Ever Changing Landscape of Sexual Assault Laws


Phillip Gibson, Partner & Accredited Specialist Criminal Law, Nyman Gibson Miralis Defence Lawyers and Advisors, Sydney

Karen Espiner, Partner & Accredited Specialist Criminal Law, Younes & Espiner Lawyers, Sydney

Ben Fogarty, Barrister, Denman Chambers, Sydney

Michal Mantaj, Director & Accredited Specialist Criminal Law, Conditsis Lawyers, Sydney

Alexandra Sarmed, Partner, Kingston Fox Lawyers, Sydney

Will Tuckey, Barrister, 11th Floor Garfield Barwick Chambers, Sydney

Lisa-Claire Hutchinson, Barrister, Forbes Chambers, Sydney

Manny Conditsis, Director & Accredited Specialist Criminal Law, Conditsis Lawyers, Sydney

Andrew Tiedt, Director of Criminal Law and Accredited Specialist Criminal Law, Armstrong Legal, Sydney

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