Mental Health in the Workplace and an Employer’s Obligations: A One Day Masterclass

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18 October 2019

Mental health issues in the workplace can be difficult for HR professionals and employment lawyers to navigate. However, with one in five Australians experiencing a mental illness in any given year, it pays to understand your obligations and how you can best provide a healthy and safe workplace. From performance management issues to addictions, this one day masterclass examines the complex employment law challenges related to mental health, including work, health and safety obligations, workers’ compensation claims, and conducting workplace investigations.

  • Mental Health First Aid: A Primer for Employers - Mental illness affects a high proportion of the Australian population, with approximately 45% of Australians experiencing a mental health issue in their lifetime. How can employers best deal with mental illness in their workplaces? This session explores the mental health fundamentals for employers and examines how to best integrate mental health and wellbeing into the workplace.

  • Mental Health and Managing Workplace Health and Safety Obligations - All employers have a duty to ensure the health and safety of their employees in the workplace. However, what can an employer do if there is a concern about the health and safety of an employee with a mental illness? This session explores the intersect between mental health and managing an employers’ workplace health and safety obligations.

  • Performance Management, Mental Health and the Employers’ Obligations - Performance management is a challenge for all employers. However, it can become even more complex when it involves an employee with mental health issues. This session examines how to get the performance management process right and avoid the risks of discrimination or adverse action claims.

  • Conducting a Valid Workplace Investigation: A Practical Guide - When an allegation has been made against an employee, an essential key step is conducting an effective workplace investigation. Investigations can be a fraught process, and a flawed investigation has the potential to cause psychological injury or exacerbate pre-existing conditions. This practical session outlines how to best manage staff-related workplace investigations and its interplay with mental health.

  • Addictions and the Workplace - Mental health and substance abuse can be closely correlated. How can employers best respond to drug and alcohol problems in the workplace? This practical session considers how to manage addictions.

  • Mental Health and Workers’ Compensation Claims: Counting the Costs for Employers - Workers’ compensation claims involving stress and other mental health issues have increased significantly over recent years. This practical session examines how these claims may arise and what employers can do to help minimise the risks.


Justin Le Blond, Partner, Kennedys, Sydney

Adrianna Loveday, Chief Executive & Principal Psychologist, Communicorp

Danny King, Principal, Danny King Legal, Sydney

Christopher McArdle, Principal, McArdle Legal, Sydney

Adrian Barwick, Special Counsel, Williamson Barwick, Sydney

Elizabeth Devine, Principal, Solicitor and Workplace Relations Consultant, Devine Law At Work, Sydney

Joshua Dale, Senior Associate, Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers, Sydney

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