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 NSW Criminal Law Masterclass

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Date:  12 & 19 September 2020
Part 1: Saturday 12 September 2020:  Key Developments in Criminal Law
  • The Extent of Police Powers in Criminal Matters - Understanding the extent of police powers is a key part of a practitioner’s armoury in defending a client. This up-to-the-minute update looks at the key issues.

  • Domestic Violence: Key Legal Imperatives - Recent changes to Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders and the new strangulation offence have seen the landscape change for criminal lawyers. This session examines these developments, along with best practice guidelines on how to best defend allegations of domestic violence, whilst balancing your own ethical and professional obligations.

  • Navigating the Changing Landscape of Sexual Assault Laws - Reform to sexual assault Law in New South Wales have resulted in a number of recent decisions. This session looks at the recent developments, with a focus on reforms affecting tendency evidence.

Part 2: Saturday 19 September 2020:  Procedural Challenges in Criminal Law

  • Mental Health and the New Regime - Criminal proceedings involving clients with a mental health and/or cognitive impairment can be one of the more challenging elements of criminal law, particularly when dealing with serious offences. This session unpacks the difficulties a practitioner is likely to face, with a focus on the new Mental Health and Cognitive Impairment Forensic Provisions Act 2020.

  • Making an Effective Bail Application - Understanding the tests and procedures a court applies in determining a bail application is the subject of this session. It takes a practical look at what practitioners must cover to achieve a successful bail application.

  • Conducting a Criminal Appeal in District Court - This practical session looks at essential tips and traps when conducting a criminal appeal in the District Court of New South Wales.


Isha Caulfield, Principal, Caulfield Solicitors, Sydney 

Will Tuckey, Barrister, Garfield Barwick Chambers, Sydney

Alexandra Sarmed, Partner, Kingston Fox Lawyers, Sydney

Manny Conditsis, Director, Conditsis Lawyers, Sydney

Arjun Chhabra, Barrister, Maurice Byers Chambers, Sydney

Robyn Richardson, Principal, Robyn Richardson Law, Sydney

Carol Younes, Partner, Younes Espiner Lawyers, Sydney

Andrew Tiedt, Director of Criminal Law, Armstrong Legal, Sydney

Michal Mantaj, Director, Conditsis Lawyers, Sydney

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