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 The Lifecycle of Commercial Relationships Masterclass E-Book
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Date: 22nd February 2023
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: A Guide for Drafting Pre-Contractual Documents
    • They might be called MOUs, letters of intent or heads of agreement, but it’s the intention and content that matter when drafting preliminary documents rather than the title. This session will provide a comprehensive guide to drafting documents intended to form the basis of a further agreement.
  • Contractual Risk Allocation Tools: Drafting Guarantees and Indemnities
    • Accepting liability, even of a limited nature, under a contract brings with it potentially onerous consequences and, as a result, precise and thorough drafting of such clauses is essential. This session provides a deep-dive into the drafting of guarantees and indemnities and associated guidance practitioners need to provide their clients.
  • Warranties: A Contract Safety Net in Commercial Agreements
    • A warranty provides a degree of certainty to the contracting party to whom it is made, but the way in which it is drafted will have considerable bearing on the outcome of its breach.  This session will provide practitioners with a deep dive into why precise drafting of warranties is essential and how to avoid costly drafting mistakes
  • Counting the Costs of Damages for Breach of Commercial Agreements
    • Breach of commercial agreements present many potential economic claims against the defaulting part. This session focuses on what is and is not claimable, including recent case law developments
  • Tears Before Bedtime: Drafting Effective Early Termination Clauses
    • All contracts come to an end eventually, often by completion but also by early termination. This session will explore options for drafting effective early termination clauses in contracts.
  • All Over Red Rover? Drafting Watertight Settlements and Releases
    • The hopes and dreams of many litigants fall in a heap with settlements at the court door. Often agreed in haste, practitioners on all sides need to ensure cooler heads prevail when it comes to drafting appropriate settlement documents. This session provides a step-by-step guide to the content and form of settlement agreements
Benjamin Zipser, Barrister, 5th Floor Selborne Chambers, Sydney, NSW 

Mark Kenney, Partner, Carter Newell Lawyers, Brisbane, Qld

Lynda Reid, Partner, Mills Oakley, Sydney, NSW

Brenda Tronson, Barrister, Level 22 Chambers, Sydney, NSW

Dr Allison Stanfield, Solicitor Director, Lantern Legal, Sydney, NSW

Graydon Dowd, Partner, Hall & Wilcox, Melbourne, Vic

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