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 2nd Annual Schools Law and Regulation Conference

Thursday 27 April and Friday 28 April 2017 Pre-ordered ebooks,Law - General,2nd Annual Schools Law and Regulation Conference

Private school administrators and their advisors face a raft of legal and regulatory issues. The stakes have never been higher. This conference examines these challenging and robust issues, including teacher dismissal, gender dysphoria, bullying and financial governance.

School Liability and Managing Risk

  • Lessons From The Royal Commission: What You Should Be Doing Now - Skye Rose, Principal, Moores, Hawthorn, Vic
  • School Camps, Excursions and Recreational Activities:  Duty of Care and Work, Health and Safety Laws - David Ford, Partner, Emil Ford Lawyers, Sydney
  • School Liability for Bullying - Nathan Croot, Senior Associate, Emil Ford Lawyers, Sydney

Enrolment and Employment Issues

  • Investing in Indigenous Students: Opportunities and Benefits - Renee Coffey, General Manager – Strategy and Policy, Australian Indigenous Education Foundation, Sydney
  • Legal Aspects of Enrolling International Students - Amanda Ryding, Partner, Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers, Sydney
  • Dismissing Staff as a Result of Poor Behaviour - Sarah Rey, Partner, Justitia, Melbourne

Social and Ethical Issues

  • Social Media: Better the Devil You Know - Leneen Forde, Principal, Norton Gledhill, Melbourne
  • Schools and Dealing with Gender Dysphoria: a Best Practice Primer - William Leonard, Director, Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria (GLHV), College of Science, Health and Engineering, Latrobe University, Melbourne
  • Meeting the Challenges Facing Religious Schools - Jacquie Seeman, Partner, Thomson Geer, Sydney

Governance and Finance

  • Running a Building Program: Construction Law Issues - Hugh Watson, Principal, Moores, Box Hill, Vic.
  • Building Funds, Scholarships, Fundraising and Staff: Taxation Concerns in Schools - Mark Fowler, Director, Neumann & Turnour Lawyers, Brisbane
  • Financial Governance in Schools - John Somerset, Director, Somerset Education, Brisbane

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