Capacity, Care and Control: Second Annual Elder Law Symposium

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23 & 24 May 2019

With the increased aging of Australia’s population, the demand for specialised elder law advice continues to grow. From accommodation arrangements to later life relationships, the challenges facing older Australians can be complex. This two-day symposium examines the issues facing the elder law sector, including enduring powers of attorney, determining capacity, and the use of statutory wills.

Identifying and Responding to Elder Abuse

  • Undue Influence and Duress - When Relatives Cross the Line with the Elderly

  • Drafting Enduring Powers of Attorney to Prevent Elder Abuse

  • Remedies for Breach by Enduring Attorneys

Living Arrangements and the Elderly

  • Shared Living Arrangements - More Than Good Intentions Required

  • Later Life Relationships - Getting Things in Order When Seniors Get Together

Capacity and Ethical Challenges

  • Shades of Grey: Determining Capacity in Older Clients

  • Capacity Screening Tools - A Medical Insight

  • Managing Ethical Dilemmas in Advising Elderly Clients

  • Use of Statutory Wills to Protect Elderly Testators


Jennifer McMillan, Legal Practice Consultant, Lawcover

Ursula Stanisich, Barrister, Victorian Bar, Melbourne

Ines Kallweit, Principal, KHQ Lawyers, Melbourne

Christine Smyth, Consultant, Robbins Watson Solicitors, Brisbane

Richard McCullagh, Legal Director, Patrick Mchugh & Co, Kincumber, NSW and Author “Australian Elder Law”, Thomson Reuters 2018

Dr Elizabeth Brophy, Barrister, Victorian Bar, Melbourne

Darryl Browne, Principal, Browne Linkenbagh, Leura, NSW

Dr Jane Lonie, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Sydney

Michael Perkins, Head of Private Client Practice, Nexus Law Group, Sydney

Rodney Lewis, Senior Solicitor, Elderlaw-the legal firm, Sydney

Jessica Latimer, Special Counsel, Moores, Melbourne

Greg Oliver, Senior Lawyer, Moores, Melbourne

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