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 First Annual Family Business Taxation Conference Online

Pre-ordered ebooks,Taxation,First Annual Family Business Taxation Conference Online
Delivered in 4 parts over 4 half days

12, 13, 27 & 28 August 2020


The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic downturn have dramatically changed the SME landscape. Now more than ever, advisers to family businesses need to understand their clients’ tax pressure points and how they can not only adapt – but thrive – in the new norm. This year’s conference is designed to cover the key tax issues facing family businesses in these unprecedented times, including recharacterisation of trust income, section 100A and distributions to adult children, as well as current CGT and tax traps in business restructures.

Part 1: Taxation of Trusts

  • Trust Distributions Revisited: Recharacterisation of Trust Income and Other Issues

  • Family Trust Elections – Are you in the Family or Out?

  • Section 100A and Distributions to Adult Children: Avoiding the Sting in the Tail

Part 2: Tax Planning for Uncertain Times

  • The Division 7A Time Bomb – UPEs, SubTrusts and Loans

  • Tax Obligations and Relief in Response to COVID-19

  • 26% or 27.5% or 30% - Confusion Still Reigns When Calculating a Company’s Tax Rate

Part 3: Tax Structuring Issues

  • Current CGT and Tax Traps in Business Restructures

  • Am I Carrying on a Business? Unpacking the Tax Outcomes

  • Deceased Estates and Testamentary Trusts: Making Sure Income is Excepted Trust Income

Part 4: Taxation of Land

  • Property Developments and Mere Realisation: The Commissioner Changes His Spots

  • The Vacant Land Measures – Is the Government Attacking Land Owners?

  • GST Management in Pandemics: Planning for Survival


David Hughes, Partner, McCullough Robertson Lawyers, Brisbane

Damian O’Connor, Principal, Tax + Law, Brisbane

Linda Tapiolas, Partner, Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers, Brisbane

Fletch Heinemann, Partner, Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers, Brisbane

Anna Wilson, Barrister, Victorian Bar, Melbourne

Arthur Athanasiou, Partner, Thomson Geer Lawyers, Melbourne

Raffi Tenenbaum, Director Taxation Services, Prosperity Advisers Group, Sydney

Simon Tisher, Barrister, Victorian Bar, Melbourne

Andy Milidoni, Partner, Johnson Winter & Slattery, Sydney

Philip de Haan, Partner, Thomson Geer, Sydney

Matthew Burgess, Director, View Legal

Paul Sokolowski, Partner, Arnold Bloch Leibler, Melbourne

Philip Diviny, Partner, Madgwicks, Melbourne

Andrew Rider, Barrister, Sydney

John Haig, Indirect Tax Specialist, Melbourne

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