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 Fifth Annual SMSF Audit Conference

Thursday 20 & Friday 21 July 2017

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The Federal Government’s sweeping super reforms are finally here. With these changes come a number of challenges for SMSF auditors, not the least of which is understanding the new law and its implications for the fund audit process.

This year’s program focuses on the reforms and drills down on how the amendments will impact the auditor’s role. We also examine a range of specific technical issues facing auditors, as well as updates on audit technology. This year, we will also be hearing from the ATO and ASIC on regulator standards and expectations.

2017 Super Reforms and Other Regulatory Changes

  • Understanding the 2017 Super Reforms: A Primer for SMSF Auditors - Krishna Skandakumar, Lawyer, Hall & Wilcox Lawyers, Melbourne
  • The Super Reforms:  Practical Implications for SMSF Auditors - Sharlene Anderson, Director, Veritas Corp, Gold Coast
  • Dealing with Risk of Material Misstatement in Valuations - Belinda Aisbett, Director, Super Sphere, Melbourne
  • Voluntary Disclosure: How is it Relevant to the Auditor? - Kasey Macfarlane, Assistant Commissioner, SMSF Segment, Superannuation, Australian Taxation Office, Brisbane

Managing Legal and Regulatory Risks in SMSF Audits

  • The Auditor’s Role When Trustees Get It Wrong - Belinda Aisbett
  • Ensuring Audit Quality with an Automated Audit: Going The Extra Mile - Shelley Banton, Director, SuperAuditors, Adamstown, NSW
  • Avoiding Armageddon: Don’t Get Sued! - Sharlene Anderson

Technical Issues in Auditing SMSF Investments

  • LRBA Audits: Dealing with ATO Related Part Loan Safe Harbour Issues and Other Hotspots - Shelley Banton, Director, SuperAuditors, Adamstown, NSW
  • New Audit and Assurance Standards: How They will Change SMSF Audit - Sharlene Anderson

Current Challenges Facing SMSF Auditors

  • Regulator Standards and Expectations: ASIC and ATO – Craig Blair, Director - SMSF Client Engagement, Australian Taxation Office and Rajnish Padarath, Senior Manager, ASIC
  • Current Issues and Headaches for SMSF Auditors - Sharlene Anderson and Belinda Aisbett

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