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Privacy Statement

We respect your privacy and take seriously our obligations to protect personal information that you provide to us. Our privacy policy is set out below..

The information that we collect

We collect personal information that is contact information on individuals engaged in the practice of law and accounting, employed in an executive capacity in the private sector or by government. We also record the details of purchases of our products made by individuals..

The way we use information that we collect

We use the information it collects for the following purposes:
  • To supply our products to the individuals who purchase them
  • To market our products to individuals in the professions, business and government.
We use cookies to hold subscriber information and access rights while you are logged on to our sites. The cookie expires when your session ends. Hence if you have cookies switched off in your browser settings, you will not be able to use our website.

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The quality of the information that we keep

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that information that you provide us is accurately and completely entered into our records, and that changes to that information provided by you to us is entered into our records.

The security of the information that we keep

We take the following steps to ensure that personal information it holds is not misused:

  • Our databases are stored in secure servers and are password protected.
  • The only persons with access to personal information held by us are our staff members with data entry and update responsibilities, and members of the our management team.

Accessing and correcting the information that we keep

You may obtain a copy of the personal information that we hold in relation to you by writing to The General Manager, Television Education Network Pty Ltd, GPO Box 61, Melbourne, Vic. 3001, or by or emailing us at info@tved.net.au. We will provide that information within 14 business days of receiving your request. If you wish to correct any personal information that we hold, contact us by the above means with the details of the corrections you would like made. We will make those corrections to the extent that they are accurate and up-to-date.

Health, sensitive information and anonymity

We do not collect or hold health information or sensitive information within the meaning of the Privacy Act.

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