This session looks at the ins and outs of trusts in estate planning to ensure you have the best strategy in place for your client.   We will look at what trusts are available to your clients and why you would use them. It covers:

  • Generation skipping trusts – when can they work?
    • providing for grandchildren and protecting assets from relationship breakdown in the second generation
    • cascading generation skip trusts
  • Hybrid unit trusts – estate planning when hybrid unit trusts are involved – pros, cons and the concerns of the ATO
  • Capital protected trusts – using for the benefit of the second spouse and protecting assets of children from the first marriage
  • PS LA 2003/12 and recent ATO comments
Our presenter

Melissa Lammers, Solicitor Director, Shire Legal, Sydney

A lawyer with 21 years' experience, Melissa has worked hard to develop Shire Legal as a dynamic and innovative legal practice. 

Melissa’s unique approach delivers great results for her clients. Her solid grasp of the law sees Melissa achieving consistently excellent results for her clients. 

Melissa completed her Bachelor of Commerce/Laws (with Honours) from the University of Wollongong in 1994.  She then worked as an investigator with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (formerly the Trade Practices Commission), before being admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 1996.  Following admission, she worked as a Senior Associate for multinational firms in the areas of trade practices and commercial litigation, before founding Shire Legal in 2003.

In 2017, Melissa was appointed as a Notary Public of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Melissa is also currently enrolled to complete her Master of Laws (Applied Law) through The College of Law, focusing on the areas of Business Law and Estate Planning.


This webinar is suitable for lawyers and accountants throughout Australia who advise in estate planning matters. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

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