Recorded Webinar: Gone, But Not Forgotten: Rethinking Marginal Family Provision Claims

Date: Monday 27th November 2017
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Recent case law has thrown up some anomalies in family provision matters. What is the current position and how should you respond to recent changes is covered in this session:
  • Unusual family provision outcomes - Lodin v Lodin; Estate of Dr Mohammad Masoud Lodin [2017] NSWSC
  • Could it happen anywhere else but NSW?
  • The rights of former spouses and family provision – how should we advise our clients post Lodin?
  • The former spouse who returns to care for the former spouse prior to death
  • Is there a test for ex-spouses making family provision claims?
  • The importance of updating your will when relationships change
  • Obtaining a release of rights to prevent future claims
  • Recent trends - Despite Lodin are family provision claims becoming harder to succeed on?
  • Case update:
    • Mortimer v Lusink [2017] QCA 1
    • Frastika v Cosgrove {2016) QSC 312
    • Brimelow v Alampi [2016] VSC 135
Our presenter

Anthea Kennedy, Partner & Accredited Specialist – Wills and Estates Law, Teece Hodgson & Ward, Sydney

Anthea was admitted to practice in 1992 and has considerable experience in contested estate litigation, trust litigation and estate administration and is a well respected specialist in wills and estate litigation. Anthea’s depth of experience is of considerable benefit to many clients faced with the difficult issues in estate and trust cases.

Anthea is a regular presenter of seminars and workshops to the legal profession in this area of law. She is a member of the Supreme Court Equity Liaison Committee and a member of the Specialist Accreditation Wills & Estates Advisory Committee.

Her experience, knowledge of the law and involvement with the courts ensures our clients obtain confident, accurate and timely advice. Anthea can provide an unbiased view of the merits of your case and help minimise the costs to you or the estate you represent. Anthea regularly acts for executors of estates and trustees of trusts, providing professional and objective advice when it is most needed.


This webinar is suitable for succession lawyers – Australia wide. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

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