Recorded Webinar: When the Buyer Doesn’t Complete: Rights and Remedies for Property Developers

Date: Thursday 23rd November 2017
Duration: approx. 2 hours
This session looks at the rights of property developers when the dotted line has been signed but the buyer fails to complete.  What rights and remedies are available to the property developer? What do you do to terminate the contracts? When can you resell and what are the penalties?

The session includes:

  • Buyers’ “reasons” for not completing – what holds water and what doesn’t – NSW, Vic and Qld compared
  • Ready, willing and able – what does this mean in practice?
  • Rescission – understanding the practical importance of default clauses
  • Repudiation – when will a breach amount to repudiation?
  • Termination and damages
  • Recent case law
Our presenter

Tony Cahill, Legal Author & Commentator, Chatswood

Tony Cahill was admitted as a solicitor in 1981. In July 2002 he commenced a ‘sabbatical’ from private legal practice to concentrate on legal education and writing.

He was a co-author with Russell Cocks and Paul Gibney of the first New South Wales edition of 1001 Conveyancing Answers, and is currently a co-author of Conveyancing Service New South Wales and Annotated Conveyancing and Real Property Legislation New South Wales, both published by LexisNexis.


This webinar is suitable for lawyers practising in property law in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

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