Recorded Webinar: Anti-Deadlock Mechanisms in Estate Planning: Default Distributions and Other Tricks

Date: Wednesday 18th October 2017
Duration:  approx. 1 hour
While one antidote to disputes between offspring or other beneficiaries is to separate the testator’s assets into discrete piles, one per beneficiary, that’s not always practical and may not be tax efficient.   The family farm and the family business are cases in point – they often represent too great a proportion of family wealth to be split.  

So what can the estate planner do to give their beneficiaries and even succeeding generations normal “joint ownership” resolution tools?  This practical session examines the mechanisms, including:

  • Planning, including determining short, medium and long term wishes and the capabilities of each potential beneficiary
  • Family agreements
  • Choice/restructuring of vehicle in which assets are held/to be passed, including taking advantage of any rollover relief applicable
  • Ensuring the beneficiaries are bound by a set of rules, whether built into the constitution of the company, the terms of a trust or partnership, or by making gifts conditional upon the beneficiaries entering into a shareholders agreement or like document
  • Ensuring that the constitution/trust deed/shareholders agreement addresses key issues, including dispute resolution mechanisms, options to buy, rights of exit and protections against “self dealing”
Our presenter

Selwyn Black, Partner, Carroll & O’Dea Business Lawyers, Sydney

Selwyn is an accredited specialist in business law, holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in accounting and financial management and a Masters of Law degree.  

He is a member of the NSW Law Society Specialist Accreditation Committee for Business Law and an occasional expert witness and determining expert for business law disputes.

He has over 20 years experience in business partner agreements and disputes.

He heads the Carroll & O’Dea Business Lawyers team, which is part of the Global Primerus firms network.


This webinar is suitable for lawyers and accountants throughout Australia who advise in estate planning matters. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

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