RECORDED WEBINAR: Statutory Wills - As a Sword and a Shield

***** This webinar has been cancelled *****

Tuesday 11th November 2014

Duration: approx. 2 hours
The advent of statutory wills is a relatively new phenomenon. How well have you kept up with developments in the law in this area? Their use can be for a wider range of contingencies than you might think.
This session looks at:
  • When to make a statutory will application
  • Efficient management of statutory will applications
  • Understanding court procedures and court rules in statutory will matters
  • Sticking to the core test or not - proving what testamentary intention existed
  • Statutory wills for minors – Implications of Re J (LC) [2014] SASC 20 and Re K [2014] QSC 94
  • Incapacitated minors – what to consider
  • Financial management orders: when should a statutory will application be considered? The impact of Ability One Financial Management Pty Ltd v JB [2014] NSWSC 245
  • Can they be used to restructure existing wills?
  • What to do with a “Why not leave it to me” request
  • Statutory wills for estate planning purposes – when could this arise? – Doughan v Straguszi [2013] QSC 295
  • Are statutory wills a tool to avoid post death litigation?
  • The importance of affidavits in contested matters
  • Use of statutory wills to forestall/prevent  family provision applications – is this valid?
  • Costs in statutory will applications
  • Case update: Re Pickles [2013] SASC 175, Doughan v Straguszi [2013] QSC 295, Re J (LC) [2014] SASC 20, Re K [2014] QSC 94
This webinar is suitable for succession lawyers – Australia wide
PRESENTED BY: Richard Williams, Barrister, Queensland Bar, Brisbane
Richard is a Brisbane Barrister who specialises in succession law, trusts and family law.
Richard studied Law at Cambridge University and was first called to the Bar in England and Wales in 1993.
Richard has been a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) since 1999 and has served a six-year term as a Director of STEP Worldwide. He is Deputy Chair of the Queensland Branch of STEP, Deputy Chair of STEP Australia and Chair of the STEP Australia Editorial Committee.
Richard is an Adjunct Lecturer, Queensland for the College of Law’s Master of Applied Law (Wills & Estates) Program, and a regular presenter at conferences and seminars.
He is co-author of the practitioners' text Statutory Will Applications: A Practical Guide (Lexis Nexis 2014).
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