Recorded Webinar: Allan Swan’s Estate Planning - Five Burning Issues


Date:  1st February 2018

Duration:  approx. 2 hours 

Allan Swan delivers his quarterly estate planning briefing – a must for all estate planning practitioners.

  1. Non-residency
  • Non-resident executors – income tax & CGT
  • Non-resident beneficiaries & testamentary trusts – income tax & CGT
  • Drafting testamentary trusts for non-residents
  • Implications of foreign person vacancy fee rules
  • Amending trust terms to place trust outside FPVC rules
  • SMSFs with non-resident members
  • SMSFs with non-member management & control
  1. Refundable accommodation deposits
  • Requirement for personal payment by resident
  • Loan agreements funding RADs for life tenants & relatives
  1. Anticipating domestic relationship claims
  • Changing rights of domestic partners under intestacy rules
  • Assets out of family provision challenge reach – NSW
  • Assets out of family provision challenge reach – ex NSW
  • Statutory Will applications
  • Family law proceedings commenced pre death
  1. Confining testamentary trust beneficiaries to just descendants
  • Drafting considerations, eg amendment clause, secondary companies & trusts
  • Degree of effectiveness for family law purposes
  • Adverse income tax consequences, eg loss of splitting of income
  1. Financial powers of attorney
  • Power to view Wills
  • Retention of specific assets
  • Ongoing financial support of grandchildren & adult children
  • Binding death benefit nominations
  • Capital distributions from family trusts
Our presenter

Allan Swan, Director, Estate Planning Equation, Melbourne

As the director of the Melbourne law firm Estate Planning Equation – Preventative Law, Allan Swan acts for a diverse range of clients assisting them to achieve their personal objectives in respect of the wealth they own or control.  Allan’s particular focus is working to pre-empt problems that may occur in the future, whether those problems might be taxation, business risk, family dispute or vulnerability.

Allan also provides practitioner training and speaking services, is an instructor for the Leo Cussen Centre for Law and for other professional bodies and is also the author of the CCH online practitioner service, Australian Estate Planning.

Allan has 3 specialist accreditations, namely as: a Chartered Tax Adviser (TIA); Trusts and Estate Practitioner (STEP); and an Accredited SMSF Specialist TM (SMSF Association).

Allan holds degrees in Law and Economics and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Services.


This webinar is suitable for lawyers and accountants throughout Australia who advise in estate planning matters. This is an update webinar on recent developments in this area.

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