Recorded Webinar: Building a Profitable Property Law Practice (Practice Management & Business Skills)

Date: 16th February 2018
Duration: 1 hour
The future of the legal profession has understandably left many practitioners feeling nervous. Clients are cost-conscious, work is drying up, and technology is threatening to replace the role of lawyers in many areas. Survival in this environment is not just about working harder; it’s about acting smarter. This session examines how to build a financially healthy property law practice. It covers:
  • Strategies for individual lawyers to increase profitability
  • Understanding the key drivers of financial success
  • Profit versus cash flow in legal practice
  • Limiting write offs – risk management and pro?t control
  • Alternative fee models and impact on pro?tability – a property law practice focus
  • Streamlining practices and other time savers as ways to improve the bottom line
  • Marketing and its impact on profitability
  • Case study – an example of a property law practice run pro?tably
Our presenter

Jeremy Duffy, Principal, Duffy Legal, Adelaide

Jeremy has worked for many years in the areas of commercial and estate planning law. He has always had a practice focused on individuals, whether in their personal capacity or as owners/principals of businesses. As a result, Jeremy has a generalist commercial skill base which allows him to identify and resolve a range of issues relevant to a client’s legal needs.

As a practising solicitor in private and corporate practice for over 30 years, Jeremy is keenly aware of the pain that the traditional delivery of high cost legal services can cause. He has a passion for developing new ways of legal practice that are built with the client’s needs in mind. The Duffy Legal virtual law firm model is a consequence of that thinking.

Jeremy is a member of STEP, the Society of Trust and Estate Professionals. This is a world-wide organisation of members who have demonstrated specialist skills in Trusts, Estates, Succession and related areas of law.


This webinar is suitable for property lawyers - Australia wide and it has been designed to deliver the Practice Management & Business Skills compulsory subject CPD units for the CPD year ending 31st March 2018.

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