Recorded Webinar: Litigation Lawyers - 3 CPD Compulsory Topics

Friday 24th February 2017

Duration:  3 hours

About the webinar:

This webinar comprises 3 one-hour sessions covering each of the compulsory CPD subjects for litigation lawyers.

Session 1: Professional Skills:  Expert Evidence in Commercial Litigation

Suzanne Kirton, Barrister, Victorian Bar, Melbourne

Using an expert witness may become necessary in your litigation. Do you know how to deal with the expert? The tips and traps when using an expert witness is the subject of this session:

  • Who is an expert? – Finding the right person for your matter
  • Expert evidence  - the rules relating to experts
  • Can you coach your expert? – Ethics and the expert
  • Use of expert evidence in the conduct of proceedings
  • Cross examining the other sides expert witness
  • Common issues in dealing with experts and expert evidence
  • Case study - Understanding the Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses
  • Case update – Scholastic Cleaning Supply v Hudspeth

Session 2: Practice Management and Business Skills:  Cost Effective Litigation Management – Assessing the True Cost of Litigation

Cate Dealehr, Founder & Accredited Costs Law Specialist, Australian Legal Costing Group (ALCG), Melbourne

Litigation is an inherently costly exercise. The true cost is even more than you might think! And it’s not just measured in monetary terms. Assessing the true cost of litigation and factoring that in to advice to the client is the basis of this session:

  • What are the hidden costs of litigation? – understanding cost risk
  • Structuring your advice on costs – what to say early on
  • Types of costs and what can be recovered from other side in a litigated matter
  • The personal cost of litigation – the full extent of the non-pecuniary cost and advising your client
  • Recovery of costs in judgement – assessing risk
  • Alternative dispute resolution and cost management

Session 3:  Ethics:  Dealing with the Self-Represented Litigant – Ethical Obligations of Practitioners

Angela Bowne SC, Barrister, Denman Chambers, Sydney

The self-represented litigant is more common today as some quasi-judicial bodies encourage it and economics often compel it. Practitioners must be aware of risks in handling them – both practical and ethics based risks. This topic covers:

  • Ethical problems when opposing a self-represented person
  • Responding to the self-represented person – practice and procedure
  • Poor pleadings from self-represented party – how should you respond?
  • Costs issues and the self-represented party
  • Professional obligations under the Civil Procedure Act and the self-represented party
  • Case study – Dealing with courts that encourage self-representation

Who should attend

This webinar is suitable for litigation lawyers - Australia wide and it has been designed to deliver the 3 compulsory subject CPD units for the CPD year ending 31st March 2017.

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