Advanced Asset Protection - a 7 program DVD series

In these challenging economic times, asset protection has emerged as one of the most important interdisciplinary professional skills required by advisers to family businesses and high earning professionals. Our new seven-part DVD series addresses today’s most compelling asset protection issues, and will help you identify the very broad range of risks from which your clients require protection, and then determine how that protection might be provided. 
The programs:  
  1. How to conduct an asset protection risk assessment
  2. Superannuation and asset protection
  3. Protecting family wealth from creditors and claimants
  4. Protecting family wealth from relationship breakdowns
  5. Protecting family wealth from a family provision claim
  6. Protecting family wealth from death, serious injury or incapacity of the primer mover or business partners
  7. Protecting family wealth from at-risk children 
The programs will be released monthly between July 2012 and April 2013 (no December or January), and will be provided to you on DVD. In addition, you will be able to stream or podcast each program and download copies of the technical papers on which the program is based from our website.
Product Code: V527
 Price:  $1,320.00 (Inclusive of GST)