Live Webinar: Contributions Traps in Using LRBAs After the Super Reforms


Date:  Tuesday 30th January 2018 – Online:
Vic, NSW, ACT, Tas: 10:30am to 12:30pm 
SA:  10am to 12noon  WA: 7:30am to 9:30am 
NT: 9am to 11am  Qld: 9:30am to 11:30am

One of the big questions post-reform is whether LRBAs are still a viable strategy for SMSFs. The ALP will abolish them if elected and the current Government is making changes to the law which will have significant implications for both super contributions and pensions.  This presentation looks at the new legislation and LRBAs generally post reform:

  • New legislation:
    • effect of LRBA on the total super balance
    • repayments and credits to the transfer balance account
    • grandfathered arrangements – what if you refinance
  • Other points to watch:
    • non-arm’s length arrangements
    • determining arm’s length consideration
    • what if you get it wrong?
  • How to unwind existing LRBAs
  • When and how LRBAs can still be useful?
    • property development ventures
    • tips and traps
Our presenter

Matt Battye, CEO & Financial Advisor, Complete Wealth, Canberra 

Analysing what can seem to be like complex issues, Matt is effective in using analogies to better explain scenarios and truths to the rest of us. This is what Matt enjoys – educating clients on the truths and debunking the commonly held (wrong) view.

Matt doesn’t believe financial advice is just about investment products like shares and property, but rather, it’s about modifying your behaviours around cashflow and the true factors around your pain.


This webinar is suitable for accountants and lawyers advising in superannuation matters throughout Australia. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.


Live webinar delegates will receive a CPD certificate for attendance at this webinar.  Accountants can claim up to 2 CPD/Training hours.  Lawyers can claim up to 2 CPD [CLE] units/points – substantive law.  This webinar has been designed to run for 2 hours, however, webinar lengths can vary depending on the level of questions and discussion, and the minimum length of the webinar is 1.5 hours.

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