Sound Education in Superannuation with SMSF Auditor Optional Add-on

Single DVD
An audio update service providing a flexible and easy way to stay up to date and earn CPD hours

Sound Education in Superannuation enables you to stay up to date outside of your busy billable hours - av
ailable in either CD format or podcast - listen to it in the car, on the train or whilst you're at the gym.

  • Convenience - you listen when you want and at your own pace

  • 100 minutes of the latest in Superannuation 6 times a year (January, March, May, July, September & November)

  • Free access to all of the Technical Papers associated with both our audio and webinar subscription service programs via our website

  • Regular expert commentary from leading Superannuation specialists

  • Super Report:  Regular legislative update including Government announcements and regulatory material including Superannuation Rulings, Determinations, Drafts, Fact Sheets, etc. as they are issued and coverage cases on super - AAT, Federal Court and High Court decisions when they are handed down

  • Special Features:  Each release features three special feature programs which focus on specific areas of superannuation of current interest.


This add-on supplement is designed for those SMSF auditors required, under ICAA rules, to complete 30 hours in related training every triennium of which 20 hours must be formal training.

The add-on provides you with the following additional programs on an annual basis:

  • 2 video webinars on SMSF Audit (providing a minimum of 3.5 hours)
  • 1 video webinar on SMSF Audit Financial Accounting (providing a minimum of 100 minutes)

This add-on option plus your subscription to Sound Education in Superannuation meets one third of the triennial ICAA formal training and development requirement for SMSF auditors in superannuation, financial accounting and compliance and audit training.


A subscription to Sound Education in Superannuation provides a minimum of 10 CPD/training hours p.a.

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Product Code: A612AUD
 Price:  $1,452.00 (Inclusive of GST)